Choose a subject equal to your abilities; think carefully what your shoulders may refuse, and what they are capable of bearing.

I have reached the armholes on the back of Mountain View.  I am a mere 8″ from starting the front pieces.  And the Eiffel Tower.  And that bag I want for graduation.  Startitis has not yet been overcome.

I am equal to this pattern.  It is beautiful, and clear and well written, and the yarn is inspiring.  My shoulders are capable of bearing the weight of this pattern.  It is not overly complex, like Evenstar was.  It is not slightly mindbending, like the Sunrise Circle jacket was.  And yet…

While my shoulders are strong my mind is not, and I am gradually succumbing to the boredom of 28″ of mostly stockinette.  On teeny needles.

I have put the Eiffel Tower yarn on my desk to inspire me when I get bored.  It is orange where my Mountain View is brown.  Close enough to inspire each other, and both absolutely gorgeous and squishy, but the orange gives my eyes (and brain) more of a shock than the plain brown does.  I will love them both eventually, as I did when I first began.