Well progress is being made. I have completed lots of stuff since my last post (including a Damson which will have to remain mysterious until my swap partner opens it). My current obsession, though, is In Dreams by Susan Pandorf. At clue 2 the rows are already interminable, in large part due to the extremely large quantity of beads which obviously slow me down quite a lot. Nonetheless it is a beautiful pattern and I am really enjoying the process of knitting it. Here’s my picture of clue 1, completed last week:

In other crafts, I have two sewing projects planned. The first is an ereader cover for my Elonex. I am adapting a pattern written for the kindle 3 but I hope it will work fine. I’ve ordered some gorgeous fabric from Michael Miller.

And finally, I would love to make Amy Butler’s Rainy Days coat. I am holding off on buying the pattern, though, until I can source some laminated cotton in the UK. I am having real trouble getting it at an affordable price (I am still a student, after all. I can’t afford to shell out £80 for 4 yards of fabric).

At any rate, if anyone has any comments about any of these projects, I’d love to hear from you!