Yesterday I promised a picture of the ereader cover I sewed. Today I deliver on that promise.

Pattern: Adapted from the kindle 3 case pattern by RedHippoStudio.
Materials: White Hummingbirds by Patty Young (Michael Miller fabrics) for the outside and small pockets, an old cotton napkin I bought at the Market for the inside and the flap, and generic black cotton for pockets. All are quilting weight, and I used 2 layers of lightweight batting to cushion it. It fastens with a magnetic snap closure.
Comments: Lovely clear pattern and very easy to modify for my own brand of ereader and booklight. Not too much unpicking, even for a beginner like me, and I found the whole thing vey straightforward. I had a little difficulty with the 7 layers of fabric/batting where the flap is sewn in, but I am just using a Janome Sew Mini. While I love this little machine and it is so reliable, I do think it’s a bit much to ask it to tackle 7 layers of fabric (though it did manage, if a little slower than usual). All in all, I am very happy and RedHippoStudio are to be commended on their pattern writing – the whole thing took just an afternoon.



With ereader & booklight:


And with that, I have well and truly caught the sewing bug. I have ordered Amy Butler’s Style Stitches and Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing from amazon and I can’t wait to get started on my next project. Until they arrive, I need to get busy on my iPhone cover and the owl cushion for Faye’s birthday. And the usual knitting, of course. You’d think I had nothing else to do with my time!