After 2 years of on-again, off-again service, my Janome Sew Mini has finally given up the ghost. I loved this machine. It was my very first. It never gave me any problems. It whirred along like a good’un. Brilliant.

Yesterday, when I was sewing the lining band of my Teardrop Bag, I heard a nasty grinding sound and the bobbin stuck. I unscrewed the bobbin plate and managed to get everything lined up properly but it wouldn’t stitch. I adjusted the tension, replaced the needle, rethreaded the bobbin and then left it overnight in the hopes angels would visit. Today mum had a crack at it.

Having just rung home from the library to check when dinner is tonight, Dad tells me mum has, in her own words, ‘broke it worse’ and that she has gone to look for a new one. It’s very kind of her but somehow I don’t want to say goodbye to my Janome. It did me great service and I loved it. It feels a bit like when your dog dies and you tell your parents you don’t want another puppy because nothing could ever replace what you’ve lost.

RIP, Sew Mini. I will miss you.