I would love to say I am reporting some FOs. But sadly that is a far-off dream at the moment.

I have cast on Annis for the birthday-that-was-nearly-forgotten. Pictures will have to wait until after the birthday girl has recieved it.

I have made no progress at all on anything either currently on the needles or stuffed under my sewing machine.

I have made some, reasonably discernable progress on the dissertation, due in 5 weeks. Really, that is my big problem and top of my priority list.

But what makes me really happy today? What makes the birds sing and the flowers open? I have managed to sign up for Pottermore. It took 4 days. It wasn’t easy. And I didn’t get to choose my own username (yes, that does suck quite a lot) but from this day forth I shall be known some places as DreamAccio143. Don’t wear it out 😀