Three and a half years ago, I knit Rogue.

It has been a wonderful sweater. Warm, cosy, comfy, and only a little bit of pilling despite frequent wear. Now I want another.

I want the cardigan.

This presents a few problems. First of all, I have only two options: I can either knit it back and forth, which will slow me down and probably cause me to do something stupid with the cables, or I can steek it, which is scary. Plus, I’m not really certain how to continue after the steeking. Do I pick up for a buttonband? Do I sew the thing down as an interfacing? Do I use the steeked bit as a buttonband? I don’t think I do, but I can’t be certain – most people seem to have done their Rogue cardigans with zips, which I don’t really want.

Second of all, I want buttons, but I always have some sort of grumpiness with buttonbands. We don’t get on. I like the look of the double knit buttonband but need to learn how to double knit first.

Lastly, I have enough yarn to do this in a tweedy aran silk. I am not certain it’ll work. Furthermore, I am not certain that this yarn will hold up to wear the same way my original cashmerino version did. It looks a bit tatty as it is.

Swatching, here I come. Once I’ve bound off a few WIPs, of course.