Alright, in an attempt to get… this under control, I’ve decided it’s time to list the WIPs. Maybe that’ll shame me into getting the whole lot off the needles. Think how tidy my cupboard will be!

1. Twilight Mittens. 1 mitten left.
2. Kingdom gloves. I am lacking the yarn to finish this – they went into hibernation because the guy who sold the yarn originally has stopped stocking it. It just needs 2 fingers.
3. Eiffel Tower Shawl. No idea where I am on this.
4. Hex Petal Tee. Only as far ad the first hexagon. It was my swatch.
5. Leavened Raglan. I think it just needs seaming.
6. Krista. Seaming.
7. Ravenclaw Knee Socks. 1 sock left.
8. Rivendell Smoke Ring. 1 lace repeat left.
9. Great A’Tuin. This was a pattern-in-progress from Mmario. I’m not entirely certain he’s completed the pattern.
10. Bacchus Socks. 1 sock left.
11. In Dreams. Now working final chart.
12. Annis. Completed 15/8/11.
13. Farmer’s Market Cardigan. Completed 10/9/11.
14. Damson. Working edging.

Also these, which are not strictly on the needles, but I’d like another shot at.

1. Alberich. The shawl-design-in-progress. It’ll be beautiful if I can find the time to knit it.

And the planned projects that will jump on the needles as soon as I free them up, whether I like it or not.

1. Rock Island. Cast on 5/9/11. Cast off 1/10/11.
2. Rogue. Cast on 1/10/11.

Well, that really is quite horrendous. For now, we’ll call that 14 WIPs, mostly relating to seaming and second sock (or mitten) syndrome. It’s not even that I lose interest in these patterns, it’s that I have nearly uncontrolable startitis, largely caused by my involvement in HPKCHC, which is not really the friend is WIPs. I’ll do my best to get something off the needles by the end of the week. Wish me luck.

In more-or-less unrelated news, the dissertation now stands at 8000/25000 words, with 4 weeks remaining until I have to get it to the printers. If I can average 2000 words a day for the next couple of weeks I will be on track.