Hello all,

I have just returned from Tallinn in Estonia. It’s a lovely city. If you ever get the chance to go, I would really recommend it, but be sure to take a raincoat. We had boiling sunshine and heavy rain.

I might have come back with a bit of yarn… Very well priced and lovely and squishy. I am particularly excited about the flax in the bottom of the picture there. A brilliant find! Can’t wait to try spinning it.

In WIP land, the orange sweater still isn’t quite finished. I have the collar still to seam. I’m making a little more progress on Balrog, but I have so little spare time at the moment that I just can’t get much done.

However, my OWL was approved at the HPKCHC, meaning that sometime next week I will be casting on Rogue. I know there was a bit of interest in a knitalong. Who’s with me? Leave a comment, and we can have a bit of fun discussion about yarn, gauge disasters and any modifications you’re planning to make. Here’s mine:

1. Steek and add a double-knit buttonband for a cardigan
2. Add the Angband cables by DragonCrafter
3. Leave out the pockets this time – they made me look oddly shaped on the last version
4. Graft the hood with a 3 needle bindoff rather than kitchener this time. I probably have enough experience now to make the cables meet properly.