Today I cast on Rock Island.

Stop frowning at me.

I am upholding my decision not to cast on Rogue until I have completed one of my WIPs. On that note, I am on the final stretch of the Farmer’s Market Cardigan – seaming the left side collar. Nearly there! However, since I am, as ever, signed up for the HPKCHC, I have to cast on something or I’m not allowed to play next term. Or at least the chance I can play drops pretty significantly. I think I drop all the way back down behind the well-played NQFYs, and considering I am currently BA3, that’s a long way to fall.

It occurs to me that some of you might not actually know what I’m blathering on about. The HPKCHC is the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup, which can be found for those who are interested.

Anyway, I have teamed up with Eviebits and an as-yet-unrecruited third member to tame a Runespoor for Care of Magical Creatures class. We’re working on snakey neakwear (yes, I know it sounds strange). Since Rock Island has been in my queue for quite some time, I frogged my majorly unsuccessful Aeolian and cast on with the frogged yarn.

Post-frogging, it’s as lovely as ever. Behold!

Lost City Silk, Silver Bells

100% Silk from Denise at Lost City Knits, colourway Silver Bells. I got this as a prize last year but got so frustrated with the Aeolian charts (a bit beyond me at the time) that I gave up. I can’t wait to get it properly knit up this time. It’s got beautiful sheen and is going to look fabulous. The moment I get a paying job I’m busying more of this, preferably in Wine and Roses (yum).

I’m just 2 repeats into the edging of Rock Island now, but I’m hoping for a quick and addictive knit.

Stay tuned for the finally-completed Farmer’s Market cardigan, coming soon (hopefully by the end of next week) to a blog near you!