Dear readers, you have been so very patient with me. I was shocked to see it has been 2 weeks since my last post! Time flies when you stop paying attention. I do apologise for my absense.

However, it has been a very fruitful absense. First of all, I have finished Rock Island, and I am very pleased with it indeed. It is a lovely roomy shawl – enough to drape over my shirt if it gets a bit chilly, but equally useful as a scarf. Very nice indeed.

The yarn is 100% silk: Lost City Silk in the colourway silver bells. It is a variaged blue/silver and I think it really suits this shawl. The whole thing, despite its size, took only 10 days to knit!



Since finishing the shawl on the 1st of October, I have been focussing on Rogue. If you remember, I was planning a cardiganised Rogue, with Tree of Gondor on the back, in Cascade 220. Well, in the last week or so, I have worked through the hem, which I joined with 3 needle bindoff. I then joined the two front pieces by casting on 8 steek stitches. I left it until after the hem to avoid a very heavy triple layer of hem fabric at the bottom of the cardigan. This way, the hem will be folded at the bottom, and the steek will be sewn down above that.

I have now finished my first ball of yarn, and have made it halfway up the first side chart. You may be able to see the 4 stitches of seed stitch I have bracketing the Tree of Gondor too in this picture; that is to make the transition to reverse stockinette less jarring. I have 4 rows of seed stitch at the bottom, and then the 4 stitch border all the way up. I am quite pleased with it so far.


Modifications so far:
1. Cast on an extra 5 stitches (1 to allow the point stitch on both sides of the collar, and 4 added to the back to balance the button band).
2. Worked hem flat, beginning the seed stitch and chart A immediately after the turning row. This meant that the joining row (row 26) involved cable crossings – neccessary, but not recommended.
3. Cast on an extra 8 stitches at the end of row 27. This is the steek panel. Stitches 1 and 8 are worked in purl stitch to form a turning row.
4. Since this was initially worked flat, the order of charts has changed. I am now working [steek panel, front, chart A, back (incl. Gondor panel), chart A, front].
5. The entire thing, including hem, is worked on US7 needles. Since the hem was joined in this way, it did not need to be knit on the bias.
6. The side panel involves increases. I forgot this, and had 8 stitches remaining to be joined at the end of row 26. I just fudged the decreases – you can’t tell – but anyone else doing this modification should bear in mind that the k2tog between hem and body will need to take into account the extra stitches at the side panel.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Let me know how you’re all doing, whether you’re working on Rogue or on something else. I’d love to hear from you.