Now usually, my weekly update covers my knitting. I have been working on two things this week, my Rogue and a bit of spinning. However, this is not what I want to talk about.

Autumn is most definately here, and since autumn is here, my hands have been getting chilly. So I reached up to the top shelf in my room and got down my fingerless mitts (100% merino, knit last year). These have been in use all through our rainy summer, but the plan was to bring them out of storage permanently for the winter. However, when I put the gloves on, I saw this:


Holes! Three places in the glove where the yarn looks like it has just split. My first thought was to blame some form of bug and turn the whole room upside down in search of the little horrors (don’t forget, my entire stash is in this room!). However, examination of my stash and the other knitted things in this room as revealed no other evidence of chomping. The other glove is immaculate still, and the socks piled up ready for washing in the big basket were likewise fine.

What could have caused this? And how do I fix it? Really, I have no idea, and any suggestions are most welcome. I can’t think what could have caused this damage, let alone three times, and the places where the yarn has broken have not left anything long enough to tie back together or weave in or anything of that sort. So… suggestions?

I have none of this yarn left, and would prefer a less obvious fix-it than darning if there’s another way available. And, less we forget, I have to figure out how to prevent this happening in the future.