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Well, what has been happening this week?

The gloves remain a mystery, but Anne at my LYS assures me that this is unlikely to be moth damage. Apparently moths are messier, and there hasn’t been any further damage anyway. I’ve emailed Rowan to ask about the possibility of a yarn fault.

I have knitted one more row on In Dreams. It took me 3 days. What? I’m busy!

The spinning has passed the 50% mark. Hopefully by Monday I can start plying.

Rogue now has a recognisable tree. No branches yet but the roots are more obviously roots. The side panels are about 2/3 complete, so I should be splitting for the armholes soon.

And finally, this week was the baking of the Christmas cake. I know it’s early but it needs time to mature. Yum yum yum: