Good heavens, I haven’t posted since October! I am so sorry, dear readers. I don’t know what came over me.

Sadly, I have little to report in that time. I have ripped back the yoke of my fairisle cobblestone and am busy reknitting it in plain black – something just didn’t hang right; perhaps by stranding was too tight. Anyway, pictures of that should be coming very soon, though I think with an entirely black sweater there won’t be much to see.

I also completed my very first quilt, a paper pieced effort for my friend Faye. It’s done in very bright colours and features the logo for the tv show Glee, of which we are both enormous fans.

I have a lot of other stuff on the needles right now. I am still working on Rogue, and In Dreams as well. Both are getting some knitting though so I’m quite happy with slow progress. My new project for the year, though, is the snapdragon tam by Ysolda Teague. I am knitting it in this gorgeous yarn sent to me by Alison at Yarnscape. It reminds me of winter berry crumbles. Yum!

Let’s see how long it takes me!