Hi guys,

As I may have mentioned (have I?) I need a bigger bag to take to Woolfest next month. I mean BIG. So I’ve settled on Amy Butler’s Cosmo bag.

I don’t think this should be in the easy section of this book.

First of all, cutting out the pieces takes forever. There are so many panels! I am using stash fabric so there are a few different cottons going into this. The exterior is a rippled grey flower print. Handles and outside pocket linings are in the Patty Young / Michael Miller hummingbird fabric I used for my ereader cover. The interior is a combination of green and blue cottons of varying density. I am downsizing to a single inside pocket and adding a zipper for security. Since I couldn’t find a covetable button locally I have just sourced a turquoise button which is about the right size.

The pieces took 2 hours to trace and 2 days to cut from the fabric. The interfacing (which I had to order online) took another 2 hours to cut out and then 6 hours to affix to the fabric. I have pleated the main panels but have not yet done any sewing. Why?


Look what pleating does to the panel. This was flat when I started! Consequently, when dealing with my first step in sewing this thing, I was dealing with even more curves than I expected. I got the first band attached but haven’t tried the second yet.

Meanwhile, I need all this off my desk so I have all the pieces hung from a washing organiser suspended from a hook in my bedroom ceiling. I feel it is a fairly neat solution, at least temporarily, and it stops the fabric (even the pleated bits) getting creased.


So that’s why I consider the bag so difficult already. The last bag I tried from this book, the teardrop bag, was marked intermediate but was a shining example of simplicity compared to this,

Still, I shall persevere and keep you updated. Hopefully next weekend might give us at least some handles, if not a full shell.

Take care,