Hello all,

Another weekend well under way and I have completed the exterior of Cosmo. The sewing is not going as badly as I expected, thanks to the use of many, many pins.


I know this looks extreme but it is really the only way to keep on top of all the curves. I tried it with less pins but just ended up ripping it back apart.

On that note, I have also been machine basting over the top of the pins to keep the whole thing steady. I’ve bent two needles that way today but I think it was worth it. I’ve been using a 5mm baste, with 1.3cm seams along most of the edges.


I did not like the clipping and pressing along the handles but I will hold judgement on whether it was necessary until I have sewn in the lining. I am also very impressed with how my sewig machine is holding up to this project. It is a mini machine and at one point was going through 4 layers of fabric, 5 of interfacing and 1 of fleece but I’ve had no problems at all. Though I think my choice to use a denim needle has helped with all the layers.

Progress has halted for the weekend because I’ve decided I don’t like my choice of lining. I am going to get more on Monday when the shops are open again and will hopefully interface during the week. That leaves next weekend open to construct the lining. The weekend after that, of course, is Woolfest itself.

So all in all, I am pleased with everything I got done today. I love the look of the bag so far and it is absolutely huge, which is wonderful. Please let me know what you all think!