Harry Potter

Harry Potter Patterns

Bellatrix by MonkeyToes: Lace patterned socks. Probably best in a plain color, rather than a varied colorway. Ravelry only. FREE
Firenze the Centaur by ElfKnits: Absolutely beautiful socks using images of stars and crossbows. Perfect centaur socks, I’d say (if centaurs were to wear such things). FREE
Severus by Angela Tennant: Lace pattern with bobble buttons to imitate the boots of Severus Snape. Ravelry only. FREE.
Potions Master by Angela Tennant: Chalises, leaves and butterflies. Lovely. Ravelry only.
Fawkes by MonkeyToes: Kinda hard to tell from the pictures, but flame/feather patterned, I think. Ravelry only. FREE.
Fred and George by Rosemary Waits: Fraternal sock twins. FREE.
Hermione’s Secret by Kat Johnson: Tiny little hourglasses along the cuff.
Luna’s Moonlight Socks by Ann Kingstone: Starry skies. Pretty. Ravelry only.
Merope by h.e.wintermute: Featuring slithering lace panels. Quite nice, actually. Ravelry only.
Moody Hose by Peggy Boisvert: Based on the socks worn by Moody during the yule ball. Clocks run down the side. FREE.
Nagini by MonkeyToes: Curly 😀 Ravelry only. FREE.
Petunia Dursley’s Double Eyelet Socks by Erica Lueder: Modified eye of partridge heel pattern. FREE.
Phineas by Rosemary Waits: Diamond pattern. FREE.
Salazar Slytherin by Angela Tennant: Slip-stitch pattern. FREE.
Simply Ginny by Anna Peck: Pretty, simple cable down the middle. FREE.
Victor by Angela Tennant: Footlets with arrow effect. Ravelry only.
Wendelin by Rosemary Waits: Ribbed sock, based on the chocolate frog card of Wendelin the weird, who enjoyed being burnt at the stake.
Draco by Angela Tennant: black and green patterned socks with an initialed cuff. Ravelry only.
Simply Tonks by Angela Tennant: Lovely pattern ideal for variagated yarn. Ravelry only.
Trelawney’s Bag by Angela Tennant: A fantastically bright pattern based on Trelawney’s bag from Order of the Phoenix. Written for Club Biscotte.
James Potter by Dagny Lilley: This is an odd one. It was written for James Potter II, as characterised in the fanfiction ‘James Potter and the Hall of Elder’s Crossing’. So this is borderline canon. This character does exist, but the pattern is really for the fanfiction. FREE

Go Gryffindor by Lykkefanten: Gryffindor colored socks with a gryffin and capital G on the heel. Part of a set of four. Also on ravelry. FREE.
Such a Slytherin by Lykkefanten: Slytherin version of the above. Also on ravelry. FREE.
Hurray Hufflepuff by Lykkefanten: Hufflepuff version of the above. Ravelry only. FREE.
Chaussettes Serpentard by Olivia Co: Slytherin striped socks knit on two needles. Ravelry only. Pattern in French and English/Pattern en français et anglais..
Gryffindor Pride by Ann Kingstone: Absolutely stunning socks. Knee-high, with gryffindor lions and the house cheer “Roar Gryffindor”> down the side. Beautiful.
Hufflepuff Pride by Ann Kingstone: As above, but with badgers and the cheer “Huzzah Hufflepuff”.
Ravenclaw Pride by Ann Kingstone: As above, but with eagles and the cheer “Soar Ravenclaw”.
House Cup Socks by Audrey Paquin: Cup pattern knitted in yarn colored in all four hogwarts house colors. In order to get this pattern, you must buy the yarn from Biscotte.
Hufflepuff by Charlotte Kaae: Yellow and black checker effect, with black pawprints. FREE..
Minerva’s Lucky Quidditch Socks by Audrey Paquin: Hexagonal stitch pattern, very nice. FREE..
Slytherin Intarsia Socks by Charlotte Kaae: Intarsia crest at the top. FREE..

Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes by Squib-stitcher: It is the yarn more than the pattern that makes these Weasley socks, but they are worth a look nonetheless. FREE
Durmstrang Socks by Ann Kingstone: Nordic inspired knee-high socks. Very pretty. Ravelry only.
Horcrux Socks by Susan Lawrence: Lightning bolts along the top. Worsted weight version also available. Also available on ravelry. FREE
Lumos! by Sarah Vendel: Simple pattern of light beams. FREE
Prisoner of Azkaban by Audrey Paquin: Chain link pattern. FREE
Whomping Willow by Angela Tennant: Tree pattern. Not really a whomping willow, in my opinion, but make up your own mind. Ravelry only.
Toujours Pur by Carrie Barraco: Lace socks. Ravelry only.
Gillyweed Socks by Rosemary Waits: Cabled pattern. Ravelry only. FREE

Helga, Godric and Salazar by Mmario: Shawls based on the founders of Hogwarts. You need to join the group to access the patterns. Rowena will be added soon.FREE.

Dobby Sockmark by Dee Brown: I knit this. It was a lot of fun. Basically a toe-up and top-down sock in one. FREE
Bookscarf by Laura K. Miller: Bookmark based on the house scarves. FREE
Double Knit Bookscarf by Jennifer Tallapaneni: Thicker bookmark based on the house scarves. FREE
Crochet Bookscarf by Jim Syl: Fringed, wide bar bookscarf. FREE
Golden Snitch Bookmark by Bren G.: Crochet flat snitch bookmark. Beautiful. If I could crochet I’d make this in an instant. FREE, crochet

Cold Weather
Year 1&2 scarves by Lauren Kent: Wide striped house scarves. FREE
PoA scarves by Lauren Kent: Trapped bar house scarves. FREE
Hermione’s Cable and Bobble Hat by Lauren Kent: Exactly what it says.
Hermione’s Cable and Bobble Mittens by Lauren Kent: To match the above.
Bella’s Mitts by MonkeyToes: Fingerless gloves converted from the Bellatrix sock pattern. Currently unavailable.
Potter Mitts by SarahScott Brett: Fingerless mitts in the house colors. Years 1&2 stripe pattern. FREE
House Unity Scarf by Danielle Smith: Based on the one worn by Neville in Goblet of Fire. It contains all four house colors set against a black background. FREE
Machine Knit Hat and Scarf by Guli Semb: Machine knit versions of the classic house scarves and hat. FREE
Ravenclaw Illusion Scarf by Amy Leigh: The classic scarf, but with a hidden bird and R. It’s magic! FREE
House Elf Hat by Laine Hammy: Complete with ears. FREE, crochet
Severus Mitts by Angela Tennant: Based on her Severus sock pattern, these are fingerless mitts for your favourite potions master. Ravelry only.
The Quidditch Scarf by LFSAlden: Created for the Quidditch team of the HPKCHC, this scarf features the Team Pride logo, your house and position. Ravelry only, FREE.
Young Helena by LFSAlden: A hood, muff and capalet for young Ravenclaws with feather designs. Ravelry only, FREE.

Golden Snitch Discloth by Michelle Malach: Shows the snitch and the letters HP. FREE
Golden Snitch Tape Measure Cover by Lavender Ackerly: Cute, sparkly cover. Ravelry only. FREE, crochet
Chudley Cannons Pillow by Amber Lowery: Really, really orange. Support the Canons! FREE, crochet
Owls by Saibh: I think it would work out about dishcloth sized. FREE
Hedwig Illusion Dishcloth by Freshisle Fiber: Owl illusion. FREE
House Crest Wine Cozy by Hardhad_cat: Very detailed colorwork crests. The charts are worth a look even if you don’t want to do the wine cozy. FREE

School vest by Hobbie’s House of Wizard Wear: Vest with colored arm bands.
Harry Potter Child’s Sweater Kit (small, medium, and large) by The New Lanark Online Shop: Normally, I would not put kits up on a list like this, but the sweater section was looking a little sparse, so here we are. Prices are pretty good for the amount of yarn you get, and of course the colors are pre-chosen for you. Whether you regard this as a positive or negative thing (I like to choose my own) is up to you.
Harry Potter Sweater by Rowan Pride and Joy: Apparently this was available as a pamphlet. I can’t find a source now, but it is an identical sweater to the one above, except for a bit more in the way of house choices, obviously.
Harry Potter Portrait Sweater by Jean Dale: Just the charts provided. Very detailed, though. I’m impressed. FREE

Mini Weasley Sweater by Sarah Vendal: Miniature sweaters, suitable for christmas ornaments etc. FREE
Fair Isle House Bags by Rosemary Waits: Lovely checked, mascot based fair isle patterns. Beautiful! FREE
Dark Mark Bag by Lindsay Henricks: Colorwork dark mark. FREE
Trust Snape Armband by Slythwolf: Wristband, telling us all belatedly to trust him. FREE
Ipod cover by Rosemary Waits: Just an ipod cover in house colors. Scroll down to the bottom of the entry. FREE
Golden Snitch Bag by Lavander Ackerly: Round, bowling-ball type bag with little silver wings. Ravelry only. FREE

Golden Snitch by Melissa Mall: Tiny golden snitch toy. Wonderful as a christmas ornament, cat toy or just something shiny, I think. FREE, crochet.
Potter Puppet Pals by Melissa Mall: Available for Harry, Ron and Hermione and Dumbledore, Voldemort and Snape. Finger puppets. FREE, crochet.
Snitch by Raynor Gellatly: Knitted version of the above crochet snitch.
Snitch by Mandy Harvey: As above, except you have to pay for this one.
Treasure Holding Snitch by Jenni Love: Golden snitch which opens to hold a tiny gift or secret. Men, take note. You could hide an engagement ring in one of these things! And the Potter lover in your life would be thrilled, I’m sure. Ravelry only. Crochet.
Harry Potter Doll by Janie: 12″ doll. FREE, crochet.
Owlets by Roman Sock: Really cute, actually. And so tiny! FREE, crochet.
Pygmy Puffs by Pren Wilcox: Awwww. Also a knit version. FREE, crochet.

Charts: (All FREE)
Heraldic Lion by Kim Salazar: Lion chart, as normally seen on King Arthur-type costuming. Could be used as a motif for Gryffindor or Narnia’s Peter.
Snape by Becky: Close up of Snape. Looks good on an afghan.
Gryphon by Melissa Mall: Works up about 12″ if you get gauge. Crochet.

Gryffindor crest by Hardhat_cat
Hufflepuff crest by Hardhat_cat
Ravenclaw crest by Hardhat_cat
Slytherin crest by Hardhat_cat

Stuff I couldn’t be bothered to carry on listing
The Leaky Cauldron


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