The Lord of the Rings


DragonCrafter’s Angband Sweater: Hooded sweater with celtic cables and the white tree of Gondor. Rogue must be purchased separately from the Girl from Auntie but the tree chart is free. The cables could, of course, be transferred to pretty much anything. Cables FREE.

Lord of the Rings Rune Sweater: Hooded child’s sweater with a tassel and rune edging. Sweater pattern is from Oceans of Fun but the rune pattern is free.

A Cardigan for Arwen: Hooded cabled cardigan. It does look pretty elven. Originally from Interweave Knits Winter 2006.

A Cardigan for Merry: A hobbit (read child) version of A Cardigan for Arwen. Sized 12-18 months. FREE.

Leaves in Relief: Could be considered a ‘Two Trees’ Silmarillion Sweater. Pattern written by DragonCrafter, who wrote the Tree of Gondor cable pattern above. FREE.


Pippin’s Scarf: A knit or crochet version of the scarf worn by Pippin in the first film. FREE.

White Tree of Gondor Scarf.: Black scarf with white embroidery. Much easier than you would expect, the intructions are in the comments. FREE.

The One Ring Scarf: Scarf with four panals reading the ring script in what I think is Tengwar. FREE.

White Tree of Gondor Scarf II: Embroidered. I put it on the page because it is so pretty, not because I have any chance of managing to copy it. If someone wants to work out how to get that lovely glowy effect in knitting, that would be great.


Legolas Socks: Cabled socks in disco colours. Pattern not yet available.

Hobbit Feet Baby Socks: Cute socks for babies. Could easily be converted for adults. FREE.


White Tree of Gondor I: Cable chart. FREE.

White Tree of Gondor II: Embroidery instructions using a paper template. FREE.

White Tree of Gondor III: Intarsia chart.

White Tree of Gondor IV: Smaller intarsia chart intended for gloves or afghan squares.

Dwarvish Runes: Complete chart at the bottom of the page. FREE.


Voodoo Armwarmers: It has been proven″>here that if you knit these in grey, they are identical to the ones that Gandalf wears in the Fellowship of the Ring. FREE.

Elvish Leaves Dishcloth: What the name says. FREE.

Ringbearer Pillow: I admit I have never seen this. It can be found in 101 Designer One Skien Wonders by Susan Dirk. If anyone has seen/made it, let me know how much of a Ringbearer pattern it really is.

Dwarven Battle Bonnet: No pattern that I can see but it could probably be guessed from a hat pattern and some cable experimenting for the beard.

Student Wizard Cap: Knitted in grey could be Gandalf’s hat. Pattern in Charmed Knits by Alison Hansel, page 40.

The Rivendell Hat: Cabled hat by Hanna B. FREE.

Magical Moebus Needle Quiver: Suitable for carrying needles or a small knitting project. FREE. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.


5 thoughts on “The Lord of the Rings”

  1. Has anyone ever tried to do the eye of saron?

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